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inviting glimpse into tropical patio landscaped by the palm company




What if the answer was “at home”…in your personal tropical "resort?"

You don't have to go to faraway places, vacation at home in your tropical oasis.

Don’t just dream about paradise!  Live in it!  Lie back on a rope hammock under swaying Kentia palms, soothed by murmuring waters and rustling ferns amid vibrantly colored exotic blossoms.  Sit in native wood chairs or sink deep into an overstuffed lounge in your “tropical outdoor living room”  with family and friends.

The Palm Company knows how to create a tropical living room you’ll never want to leave.  The “just right”
infusion of colorful tropical furniture into your natural world is a must. Tropical-themed selections are readily available at many home centers and patio-garden stores, or on the Internet.   Come on, let your imagination run free.  But make sure everything matches your personal tropical paradise dream theme. 

Stop saying “What if…?"  Go for the “wow!”  Make your landscaping dreams into tropical reality – call or e-mail The Palm Company.  760 942 2796 or



colorful tropical foliage is a trademark of the palm company designs


Lush greens and vibrant colors– exotic, eye-catching plants and flowers are obviously the main attraction of a personal tropical landscape. Greenery (Kentia palms, Canary Island date palms, ferns, etc.) immediately conveys that desired “tropical resort” look and feel. As different flowers and plants of a wide range of colors, textures and heights are added, your tropical paradise bursts into life. Here's a hint: don't overdo one particular area or selection of plants. Let the “natural” feel of the tropics emerge. Make certain it looks as if it has been in place for years.  


swim up bars and other pool features are designed by the palm company


Water and fish features,whether a free-form pond, “swamp”, gurgling stream or cascading waterfall, water adds a soothing ambiance you can't omit. It can be large and roaring, small and bubbly, or still and quiet -- but whatever you select, it will harmonize with the overall relaxing atmosphere you so desire. Natural rocks and stones, casually placed near the water complete the look and drama. Your tropical escape zone.


the palm company makes guides selection of outdoor furnishings and accessories

Furniture is essential to any tropical paradise. You don't just want to “look” at paradise; you want to “live” in it. Relax (lie back) on a rope hammock beneath swaying palms, soothed by rustling ferns.  Sit in native wood chairs, cheered by vibrantly colored exotic blossoms. The Palm Company knows how to blend everything into your “tropical outdoor living room.”  The “just right” infusion of tropical furniture pieces into your natural world is a must. Tropical-themed pieces are readily available at many home centers and patio-garden stores. Let your imagination run free. But make sure everything matches your personal tropical paradise theme.


the palm company's outdoor lighting designs enhance their tropical designs

Accessories complete your “tropical painting landscape”. The most important accessory, actually a near necessity, is landscape lighting. You know how you admire walking in a resort's tropical gardens under a golden moon, with romantic lighting adding to the ambience. A custom-designed system shows off your tropical dream in its best light. Also, it provides a comforting feel of security. Adding lighting accents such as strings of small, twinkling “star lights” around palm trunks brings casual romance to your patio/lana'i. You have endless choices.

The Palm Company brings it all together to make your "tropical resort dream" just as you imagined.

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