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The owners of this smaller property, just off a busy street in the resort community of La Jolla, California, desired the complete privacy offered by a custom tropical environment. Highlights are the Kentia palm-framed secluded lap pool and hidden raised patio with decorative arches and lush shade gardens. Tropical flowers and unique multi-colored foliage add eye appeal.










la jolla tropical retreat  landscaped by the palm company

fern garden designed and  installed by the palm company

pool retreat landscacping by the palm company

activity pool lush landscaped by the palm company

archway highlights pool garden landscaped by the palm company

total escape in lush kentia and sago palms by the palm company

serenity in tropical shade garden by the palm company

secluded patio retreat featuring majestic palms from the palm company

exotic potted tropical plants add interest to this palm company design

mission arcade style faming of the palm company original landscape design

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